Twilight Game
BUSD Reserve Pool
What is the BUSD Reserve Pool?
As we all know, there are many factors that affect the price of cryptocurrencies. Even if we do an excellent job in all areas, there are still many uncontrollable factors that can cause the price to fluctuate violently, and many p2e projects die as a result.
Different from them, we have created a new concept- BUSD Reverse Pool which ensures that if the downmarket sustains, we still have enough reserves to protect players' revenue. This is one of our winning strategies.
Where does the Reverse Pool come from?
1. 3% of the selling slippage will go to the BUSD Reserve Pool
2. We will actively sell a portion of the $TWI from the game reward pool when the price is good, and exchange it into BUSD and add it to the BUSD Reserve Pool.
The BUSD reserve pool contract will be made public, and any user can track the real-time balance and every record of the BUSD Reserve Pool.
Utility of the BUSD Reserve Pool
Normally, when a user claims a reward, the smart contract will convert the user's $SWTI into $TWI of the same value according to the current price, and the user receives and sells $TWI to get BUSD. However, when $TWI value keeps falling, the $TWI claimed from the rewards will increase, and if there is continuous $TWI selling, it will bring risks to the project.
The smart contract will constantly check the average price of $TWI over the past 48 hours.Whenever the price is below the 48-hour average, the smart contract will be triggered. At this time, if the user wants to claim his $STWI, the same value $TWI will be added to the reward pool, and the user will get BUSD directly paid from the BUSD Reserve Pool. This mechanism is like an airbag in a car. It ensures that project risk is minimized even in the most dangerous times.
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