Twilight Game
Battlerate Demon
If you have an army, you can challenge the Battlerate Demon, by which you will have the opportunity to plunder part of the battle power of the Battlerate Demon. And the battle power will be added to the participating army directly, so that you can fight in a higher tier room in PVE and get higher rewards.
Absolutely, you need to pay attention to how many battles your army has participated. Because once you run out of battles, you will have to disband the army and the battle power you plunder will disappear at the same time. Twilight game is a strategy game and you have to use your brain to choose the strategy that works best for you.
Luckily, fighting the Battlerate Demon doesn’t cost your battles and you only need to pay some foods and a small amount of gas fee.
More details will be announced...
Last modified 5mo ago
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